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FAQ - Cremation Center of Birmingham


Q.) Do I have to have made prior arrangements in order to utilize the cremation service with the Cremation Center of Birmingham?


A.) No, if a death has occurred or is imminent, you may call 205-970-6886 -  24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will send our caring, professional team to the place of death and bring the person who has passed away into our care. No prior arrangements are necessary.


Q.)  Does the $950.00 price include transportation from the place of death to the Cremation Center?


A.) Yes, the $950.00 price does include all transportation charges within 50 miles of Birmingham, AL.


Q.) Does the Cremation Center of Birmingham offer cremation service outside Birmingham?


A.) Yes,  The Cremation Center of Birmingham does offer service statewide in Alabama. Additional mileage charges range from $100.00 to $300.00 dollars depending on the location, however even with this additional mileage, our price is still very affordable.


Q.) Does the Cremation Center require an up-front payment in order to make pre-arrangements for a cremation?


A.) No, You do not have to pay in advance in order to set up a plan for your final wishes.   We can email, postal mail or fax the necessary papers for you to begin pre-planning your final arrangements with no up-front money required.  We will then place this information in your file for the future.  Then you will pay when death occurs.


Q.) Why is your cost so much lower than your competitors? How can you afford to do cremations at only $950.00 compared to many funeral homes price of over $4000.00?


A.) Cremation Center families tend to choose to handle their own memorial service at the cemetery, their church or home, or plan to have a private family only scattering… whatever is the best way to memorialize their loved one.  The Cremation Center of Birmingham keeps overhead low, so that we may offer the best price possible to our families.  In addition, many large funeral homes are corporately owned. These funeral homes corporate structure have many executives that are not directly working at the funeral home and their salaries are included in their price.  Some even own a corporate jet and the money to operate these are added to their prices as a cost of doing business and passed on to the consumer.


Q.) Will the Cremation Center of Birmingham assist with filing for death certificates, placing obituaries, etc?


A.) Yes, The Cremation Center of Birmingham will assist in providing all the needed forms for receiving certified copies of death certificates and will also provide confirmation to Newspapers allowing obituaries to be placed nationwide.


Q.) Do we have to meet in Birmingham in order to use the Cremation Center of Birmingham?


A.) No, we can fax or email necessary documents that the family can then have notarized (at any bank or UPS Stores, etc.) and email or fax the documents back.  When the documents have been received electronically, the cremation can take place, and the originals are returned to us by postal mail.


Q.) Does the $950.00 cremation price include an urn?


A.) Yes, our $950.00 price does include a basic rectangular plastic urn that is suitable for shipping, scattering or burial.  We do have a link to view and purchase other urns… all under $300.00.


Q.) Will there be any “hidden” or extra charges we weren’t expecting with the Cremation Center of Birmingham?


A.) No, The $950.00 price includes transportation from the place of death, the cremation and basic urn and filing necessary legal documents with the State and Federal Government. Any other charges that would be incurred would be anything extra the family elected to do such as, ordering copies of the certified death certificate, (this charge is paid directly to the State of Alabama) obituaries (these cost are paid directly to the Newspaper), cemetery charges if you plan to bury the urn or an urn vault if your cemetery requires one, (we have very affordable urn vaults available starting at only $300.00.) Flowers for the service ( you arrange this directly with your own florist) etc. The only additional charges you will incur are with outside companies you choose to utilize.


     The Cremation Center of Birmingham offers reliable and convenient service and we value your time. We can meet at your office, or church if it is more convenient for you, the appointment time is brief and the paperwork is streamlined, we offer the most affordable service to our families and the best value.  If you have further questions please call the Cremation Center of Birmingham at 205-970-6886.